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Commercial Plumbing

North City Plumbing & Gas are leaders in commercial plumbing services for businesses across Perth. Our highly trained and experienced team are able to assist with all your businesses plumbing requirements, whether its an installation or general maintenance and compliance.

We are able to test and repair your plumbing systems to ensure the business is compliant with the Government regulations. For our clients, we strive to deliver next level customer satisfaction, with friendly, professional and prompt service. Our quality and meticulous workmanship guaranteed on every project that we undertake.

We are one of the best commercial plumbers in Perth offering commercial plumbing services around Perth’s northern suburbs.

Backflow prevention and Testing – Perth

Northcity Plumbing and Gas are able to supply and install backflow prevention devices. We are also able to complete the annual backflow inspection and testing to ensure you are compliant with Water Corporation.

Leave it to us to ensure a hassle free process. We’ll handle everything including the paperwork. All our works are fully guaranteed and carried out by a suitable qualified and highly experience plumber.

  • Annual device testing and Water Corporation Back flow test reports
  • New installations
  • Repairs and maintenance on existing backflow prevention devices

What is backflow and why do we need to prevent it?

Backflow is when water in your properties plumbing flows the wrong way through the pipes and back into the mains. This occurs when there is a drop in pressure in the main i.e. is a burst or ruptured water main.

If this water is inadvertently mixes with a source of pollution it could contaminate the water supply.

To protect our water supply and keep it free from potentially harmful contaminants which could cause serious health problems, a backflow prevention device may be required.

What type of device is required will depend on the risk involved if the risk is low it may be as simple as creating an air gap using a faucet or valve to prevent water collecting.

If, however it is deemed medium or high a specialise backflow prevention device will be required.

These devices are mechanical valves which are designed to specifically to prevent the backflow of water.

When do you need to install a backflow prevention devise?

  • New Developments and redevelopment of existing facilities
  • Changes to any water services
  • Multiple residence and or commercial
  • Any application involving fire services
  • Where the minimum water size is greater than 25mm
  • Installation of a douche spray

Registration of a backflow prevention device

All backflow prevention devices must be tested and registered with The Water Corporation. They are required to be tested annually to ensure they are working correctly. This work needs to be undertaken by a licenced Plumbing Contractor qualified to test backflow prevention devices.

At Northcity Plumbing we are fully qualified to handle both the installation and annual test of your backflow prevention device.

Grease trap installations and servicing

A grease trap is a system that protects sewerage from incompatible waste, it separates the oils fats and solids from waste water, cools hot water and then finally discharges it into the sewerage. All establishments preparing food will require some sort of great trap to be compliance.

The type of grease trap required will depend on the volume of waste that your business generates and where you are going to physically install the trap.

At Northcity Plumbing we can:

  • Install your grease trap
  • Service your grease trap as it becomes due
  • Pumping the contents

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