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Water Filter Installations

Water Filter System Installations

Tap water is one of the basic thing which you need in your house. Most of the Australians have the facility of tap water but sometimes water from tap is not potable and contains impurities. It’s always advisable to install water filter system to be on safer side. Clean drinking water is key to good health and improving tap water using water filter systems can be very appealing.

Water authorities uses filtering and disinfectants to purify the water and sometimes the water is not potable. Few good water filters can remove lot of impurities and make the water nearly 100% pure. So choosing the right water filter can be a critical. There are wide variety of water filter systems available in market. You can choose from under sink filter or traditional water filter systems or you can install whole house filter system.

There are few water filter systems available in market which can even remove chemicals and minerals from water. There are some water filters which have in-built water softeners. Based on your requirements, North City Plumbing & Gas can suggest best water filter system to you.

Being a water filter plumbing company, North City Plumbing & Gas has plumbers who can listen to your concerns, explain products available in market and help find the product that suits your needs. We not only suggest you the best water filter available in the market but also help you in water filter installation.

North City Plumbing have years of experience in water filter installation. Our reliable plumbers can come to your home and install any water filter system quickly. Call us now for a quick and obligation free quote.

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Under Sink Water Systems

Puretec Single Under Sink Water Filter Installation

Quick-Twist Undersink Water Filter with LED Faucet

Designed to reduce harmful Cryptosporidium & Giardia cyst, rust, dirt, sediment, chlorine, algae and chemicals leaving beautiful fresh drinking water.

Water filtered down to 1 micron this premium grade carbon provides clean fresh and great tasting water option.

  • Watermark Certified
  • 10 year Warranty
Under Sink Water Filter Installation

Puretec Twin Under sink Water Filter Installation

A dual water filter system that turns tap water into healthy delicious drinking water.

The TS Services features all filtration technology in one economical system that produces beautiful sparking clear water reducing chorine, taste odour chemicals and sediment. The luxury of your own safe purified water is provided in this very affordable system for all your drinking water requirements.

  • Water Marked
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Dual stage sediment capacity
  • High quality faucet with LED Reminder light
Whole Water Filter System

Puretec WH Series – Slimline Whole House Filter Installation

The Puretech Whole House Filter system provides safe, clean healthy water throughout your house or office.

Its slim design is appropriate to use in tight spaces. It’s a logical choice for people concerned about sediment and chemical in drinking water, when showering and protects ceramic disc taps. The system provides spring water quality water throughout the house and at an affordable price.

  • Water Marked
  • 10 year warranty
  • Flow rates of up to 27 liter/minute
  • Dual Stage filtration
  • Easy to maintain and no power required
Water Filters Osborne Park

Domestic Water Softeners

Especially in Perth, much of our water contains dissolved minerals, in particular Magnesium and Calcium which is known as hard water. Hard water causes scale and discolouration to build up in your bathroom, in your appliances and inside and around your plumbing fixtures and fittings. Water remove these minerals through an ion exchange process removing the minerals and softening the water.

The benefits include

  • Increased life span of appliances
  • Less scale build up on shower, screens, glass and tiles
  • Improved function of taps and shower roses
  • Softer feeling hair and skin with less residue build up
  • Softner clothes using less detergent
Water Softening System

Puretec SOL-E3

The Softrol SOL-E3 Automatic Volume softening system is our smartes unit. Just input the water hardness, time and date and the unit automatically calculates the capacity. It measures the water volume used and initiates a regenerationg once the capacity is reached.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Less salt, water and power consumed
  • Reliable, durable and simple
Water Softener System Installations

BWT Water Softener – Bewant 75A Automatic Softner

As Europe’s leading water technology company, BWT has over 100 years experience in manufacturing state of the art water filtration, purification and water treatment.

Supplied through Reece in Australian the Bewant 75A Automatic Softner are designed to automatically soften water in your home. The product minimised malfunction and damage due to clacification in water piplines and the connection fittings, equipment and appliances. The softened water also has intrinsic health benefits.

  • Automatic regeneration capacity
  • Intelligent quantity- dependant regeneration capacity
  • Self-disinfection capabilities
  • Backflow preventer on outlet
  • Internal bypass valve – so you won’t be without water whilst the unit regenerates
  • Precise water hardness blending valve (ability to set desired water hardness)

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