Blocked drain? Overflowing toilet? Clogged kitchen sink? Nightmare or reality, all equally as frightening. So what do you do? Do it yourself easy fix… right? Not always. DIY plumbing (with no plumbing qualifications) can cause more harm than good. The best choice is to always call a qualified plumber to fix the impending problem.

It is normal that unexpected and unwanted emergencies can happen at any time. Sometimes while you’re busy at work, or in the middle of the night. It is important to always have a professional plumber’s number in your phone. For those stinky situations! Our experts can make sure he on at hand is carried out carefully and correctly. We make sure to run the suitable plumbing diagnosis on your property before we attempt to fix the problem.

North City Plumbing will know the proper route to take in ensuring your issue is resolved. From experience we understand that some everyday accidents are caused by a lack of awareness and understanding of plumbing in general. Yes, we’re talking about DIY jobs here. One point to remember is danger is often present. We 100% recommend leaving the job to the professionals.

Plumbers not only come to the rescue after an emergency. We also encourage you to schedule regular plumbing check-ups on your home. By doing this, it will help you maintain fixtures and help us detect problems before they cause damage to your home. So many plumbing issues are caused by hidden factors. Ones that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Certified plumbers are trained to discover the underlying problem. By finding the impending issue early, they can document the findings for your records and fix the problem on the spot.

North City Plumbing provides quality gas & plumbing services across the northern suburbs of Perth. We offer a wide range of plumbing services to best fit your needs. From gas plumbing, to a range of other plumbing installation and repairs. Our team pride themselves in being 100% committed to every call-out we receive. Ensuring each job carried out is completed with the upmost care.