You come home from a long, hard day at work. You’re stressed, tired, and just want to collapse onto the sofa and dream the night away. Except there’s a problem you’ve discovered… a big, messy, smelly problem coming from the bathroom. You enter the room hesitantly, only to fave your worst fear. Your porcelain throne is blocked and overflowing! Your worst nightmare right? Well save the terror for one of our professional plumbers.

We come face to face with all kinds of sticky situations on a daily basis. We are on call to help you wash away your plumbing issues, and magically turn your zen area back to original form. But you may be wondering why it is necessary to call a plumber to fix the problem. Why can’t I simply fix the issue myself? A little DIY doesn’t hurt once in a while, am I right? Well there’s a few reasons why messy misfortunes like this example should be a job left up to Northcity Plumbing.

DIY jobs concerning plumbing works, whether they are as simple clogged and overflowing toilets, can put you and your property at risk. It worst case scenarios, it can even worsen the problem at hand. Making a simple job astronomically greater. When hiring a licensed plumber, they always prioritise safety. You are guaranteed to have high quality work carried out. Most importantly saving time and money in the future.

At Northcity Plumbing and Gas we are all qualified and professional plumbers in Perth. Since we first began in early 2010, we have grown to be one of the most prestigious and trusted plumbing companies. We pride ourselves in using the latest and greatest plumbing techniques to make sure all of our clients are 100% pleased with the final result. Our plumbing contractors have had experience in resolving issues surrounding blocked drains, dishwasher installation, leaking toilets, faulty hot water units, roof plumbing, leaking showers, plus gas oven repairs and installation.

North City Plumbing and Gas strive to provide quality customer service to all of our clients. Our attentive service and value for money is like no other company in Perth.